About Us

About AWI

Our focus is yours. Our goal is to be your partner in leading technology and personnel solutions to secure your organization with a higher quality staff and increase efficiencies. Progressive organizations understand the importance of establishing best practices across their enterprises and the value in working in a trusted business partner relationship.

Staff optimization is important to both your team and ours. To maximize value, these solutions require a business strategy that measurably reduces costs and increases efficiency.

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Our Founders.

Our founders, Jason Beck and Sejal Shah, are driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and understand the importance of streamlining business needs to benefit growth. Beck and Shah met while at Ripon College. Combined, the two share educational and business backgrounds in economics, staffing, customer service, and database management. In 2005, they began building their business and teams to offer top notch solutions to the healthcare and IT industries. Together, their vision is: ā€œValued by customers. Respected by associates. Trusted by both.ā€

Our Team.

Our team is comprised of members with extensive experience in technology consulting and staff augmentation. We build our team with a focus centered on customer needs. We are the problem solvers, custom building a solution to help effectively manage your contingent workforce.

AWI Technology will meet with your leadership team onsite to learn more about your organization and how to build a customized solution. Our team desires to be the best and to continually make improvements to uphold that standard. Find out more about AWI Technology and why we understand a relationship starts with listening.

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