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Managed Staffing for Your Whole Company

AWI Managed Staffing SolutionsNo one knows better than AWI that managing a large workforce comes with its own hassles and time constraints. That’s why, in addition to our complete range of technology staffing and engineering job placement opportunities, we also offer vendor management systems.

There is no better way to save time and money than by consolidating your HR and staffing functions through a single provider. AWI streamlines the process of recruitment, hiring, paying, and coordinating staff for you, allowing you to deal with a single vendor and get back to the job you do best. Whether you need a manager for your on-site contingent workforce, or if you would like to consolidate your staffing vendors into one easy staffing solution, AWI can custom design the vendor system you need.

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How AWI Can Help

AWI Managed Staffing SolutionsOur Vendor On-Premise (VOP) solution addresses the challenges of managing on-site staff and contract employees. We work directly with your organization and the goals you have for the future to create a complete management system. Whether you have a high volume of contract employees, or if you need help with staff reporting, attendance, payments, and other employment issues, we’re ready to step in and take on the responsibility for your workforce.

As a managed services provider, we can also help you coordinate a contingent workforce for all your facilities and locations—no matter how many different vendors you rely on right now. By counting on us to become your point of contact for all your employment needs, you can reduce costs, free up valuable HR and administration space, and get regular reports on how well your workforce is performing. Like the rest of our staffing solutions, flexibility and communication are at the core of all our managed services, and we will create a program that is unique as you are.

As a full-service VOP provider, look to us for:

  • Creating custom and flexible programs for your business
  • Placing top candidates in the positions you need
  • Coordinating your existing contingent workforce
  • Producing data-driven results you can count on
  • Expanding or reducing your contingent workforce, as needed
  • Staffing and vendor consolidation

Because we use the latest in vendor management software and tools, you can rest assured that your streamlined staffing support team will continue to provide the results you need no matter how your employment needs might change. We are an administration team’s dream come true—one solution for all your staffing challenges, and with the same hands-on, personalized approach we bring to all our staffing services.

For your bottom line, vendor management systems are a great way to get the results you want. At AWI, we make things even easier by simultaneously meeting your traditional staffing needs alongside any required vendor management plans.

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