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AWI Technology Staffing SolutionsAs more and more businesses turn to technology as a way to improve existing programs, streamline business operations, and create new, technology-based platforms, the need for experienced and professional technology employees increases. Whether the job is to work as part of a software development team or to work as a manager of existing information systems, it is vital to find an employee who is not only qualified, but dependable, as well.

Here at AWI, we make the process of finding the right IT candidates that much easier. Not only can we identify the right skill set for your particular information technology needs, but we have already done the background work to ensure that the professional you are put in contact with upholds the highest ethics in software development and management.

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Data Management Jobs

Data management jobs include everything from designing data storage and management options to testing and maintenance. If you have a strong background in data management, you can look to AWI for placement in:

  • Data Warehousing
  • IT Systems Analyst
  • Database Analyst
  • Operating Systems Analyst
  • Database Administration
  • Project Management

IT Development Jobs

Keeping qualified developers on staff can be a tricky business in today’s technology-based world. That’s because the technology is always changing and adapting—and companies want professionals who will change and adapt with them. Whether you want short-term or long-term jobs at your fingertips, we can find you options in:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Engineering
  • .NET Development
  • PHP Development
  • Java Development
  • C++ Development


IT specialists with a background in infrastructure are part of a growing trend toward outsourcing IT needs. When you are placed in a position through AWI, you get the support and backing of our company as well as great opportunities in the field. Look to us for employment as a/an:

  • Network Engineer
  • Network/Systems Administration
  • Network/Systems Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • IT Security
  • Infrastructure Architect

Healthcare IT (HIT)

AWI Technology Staffing SolutionsAs part of our Healthcare IT (HIT) team, you can expect placement in top healthcare facilities and insurance providers. You might be called on to help develop and code basic programs or take on a more healthcare-oriented role in keeping with HIPAA standards. Many of our past healthcare technology jobs have included:

  • Certified Analysts/Developers with Build Experience
  • EMR Support Staff
  • EMR Trainers
  • Integrations Engineers
  • EMR Project Managers

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The AWI Technology Staffing Approach

We are able to accomplish so many successful IT placements thanks to our focus on people. AWI is a unique technology staffing provider in that we strive to listen to your goals as well as the goals of our employees. Only after we create a personalized portfolio do we make employment connections.

The results are clear: you get IT employees you can trust, and professionals in search of IT jobs get to pick from some of the best job opportunities currently on the market.